How It Works

With the expertise of world renowned stylists, makeup artists and skin care experts, the young women in our program receive continual training over the course of six months in hair styling, skin care, makeup application, nail care, life skills coaching and small business management. They then practice these skills in the training salon to master what they have learned all the while getting input and advice from the management team.  The services offered in the salon are directly related to what is being taught.  Each customer who comes in offers an opportunity for our students to learn how to apply her skills to real paying customers.  To ensure the highest quality services, our more skilled students provide the advanced services while our newer students help with more basic salon tasks such as cleaning and washing.  To ensure a quality experience, the salon employs full time stylist/educators and a manager who ensures every customer leaves satisfied. 

When our students train at the salon they begin to learn what it takes to work, manage and provide quality services from the salon.  We emphasize proper hygiene, customer service and quality beauty techniques that will help make their work stand out from their competitors.  Upon graduation, our students follow one of three paths:

After graduation, the students join a network of graduates who stay connected to our salon.  Our management helps them review their financial performance, business planning and personal growth.  We also welcome them back for training sessions to help keep their skills sharp.  In the future, we look to connect our supporters with our graduates so that they can further replicate the mission of the salon in their own communities.  The connection of business professionals, beauty artists and our aspiring woman entrepreneurs will be an economic empowerment that will make an incredible difference for women in Cambodia.