The Vimean Beauty+ Salon is an economic empowerment project established through a collaboration between the Cambodian NGO AFESIP and an impassioned team of beauty professionals.  The salon acts as both an oasis of beauty services for customers in the Siem Reap area and a training center for aspiring beauty professionals.

The salon team shares the belief that an empowered, financially independent woman is a positive voice for change in developing countries.  The Vimean Beauty+ Salon opens an avenue to independence for girls rescued from exploitation and provides them with an opportunity to generate income to support themselves and their families.  Through mastery of salon and small business management skills, each girl increases her self confidence and distances herself from vulnerabilities that would allow for exploitation and abuse.  This type of empowerment also boosts each woman’s position within the community which helps to erase stigmas and encourages gender equality.

With each graduate from the salon, a positive revenue generating solution is enabled.  Kept under careful watch of the NGO and the salon team, our graduates apply their entrepreneurial spirits to drive their own businesses forward.  As more graduate from training, we create an economic enabler as every dollar earned keeps them and their families out of poverty and drives their communities forward.  Our young entrepreneurs also become positive voices for change and role models for women around them.  Using the magic that is a salon experience, our students and stylists are advocates for gender equality and bridges for other women to find their path forward.